The MascotBots

Plasma Wing

Decepticon Weapons Master

Plasma Wing (Robot Mode)Motto: If it doesn’t explode, then there’s no point to it.

Bio: Following in the footsteps of the great Weapons Masters of the Golden Age, Plasma Wing works to invent the best weapons known to Decepticon science. Often frowned upon by his fellow weapon makers because of the fact that his weapons tend to be on the more explosive side of unsafe. Plasma Wing once spent three vorns working on one single weapon, only to have it explode and destroy his workshop when he finished it.

Weapons / Abilities: Plasma Wing uses his in-built Quantum Matrix Generator to create the tools he needs from thin air to turn anything into a weapon. In close quarters combat he uses his retractable Cybertonium claws to slash at his foes, at other times he uses a plasma rifle of his own design.

Weaknesses: His tendency to be in close proximity to his inventions when they explode often leads to many trips to the infirmary.

Alternate Mode: Cybertronian Raider

Plasma Wing (Techspecs)

Ultra Lock

Autobot Espionage Agent

Ultra Lock (Robot Mode)Motto: Secrets are the currency that buys victories.

Bio: As a spy Ultra Lock is an invaluble member of the Autobot team. The Council of Primes often sent him on missions that lead to important information being gathered, a lot of which are still classified now, over a million vorns later. After The Ark was lost with Optimus Prime onboard, the bulk of the Autobot forces remaining on Cybertron went underground, Ultra Lock became even more vital as he would often be sent out to scout Energon stores in preparation for raids.

Weapons / Abilities: Ultra Lock uses his cloaking field generator to enable him to slip into high security areas like the Central Hall of Kaon, while in combat he uses his arm mounted blades to deflect his opponants blows. He can often be seen weilding a standard issue photon blaster.

Weaknesses: His cloaking ability, while a huge advantage, can have the side-effect of making Ultra Lock a rather forgettable bot, his fellow Autobots have been known to, on occasion, forget he’s in the room.

Alternate Mode: High Speed Data Logger

Ultra Lock (Techspecs)



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