Lost Mosaic: Conspiracy

PANEL 1: Half page wide, quarter high

SCENE: We see the front windscreen of a yellow car, inside are two men, in the passenger seat is Miles Lancaster, behind the wheel is Sam Witwicky, they’re talking, on the radio is playing ‘Conspiracy’ by Paramore (add some music notes and some of the lyrics along the bottom of the panel)

MILES (looking disbelieving): So, wait, you’re trying to tell me that those... Those giant robots were real?

PANEL 2: Same size as PANEL 1

SCENE: Same scene as PANEL 1 except the music is different, same song, just the next lyrics

MILES: Come on, I mean Steven Spielberg admitted that they were just a publicity stunt for Robot Master...

PANEL 3: Same size as PANEL 1

SCENE: Same scene again, only next bit of the lyrics

MILES: Are you trying to tell me that someone brought Spielberg?

PANEL 4: Sae size as PANEL 1

SCENE: Same scene, further on with the music

MILES: And the government too?

PANELS 5-7: Each panel to take up full height remaining and 1/3rd of the remaining width

SCENE: This time we’re looking at the front of the car, it’s the 2009 Camaro we know as Bumblebee, in the center of the front grill is the Autobot symbol, we can see the bottom of the windscreen and the two occupants. In PANEL 5 the car’s headlights are on, PANEL 6 the left headlight is off, the right is on, and PANEL 6 the headlights are both on. Music is still playing so lyrics and music notes again, just carry on with the lyrics from where they were left in PANEL 4

MILES: Hey, how’d you get the insurance to spring for a new Camaro anyway?

Rebirth At Darkmount

Compassion is the Autobots downfall.
- Cyclonus