Lost Mosaic: The Last Autobot on Earth

NOTES: This goes straight into the story, the titles and credits at the bottom of the page, the title being in fact the last words of dialog.

PANEL 1: (Full width panel – 1/3 the height of the page) Downtown, some random city with tall buildings and rushing people (as in all are blurry no features can be made out) In the center of the frame we see G1 Marvel comics style Spike Witwicky standing, center frame, his head bowed slightly

SPIKE (subtitles, break into as many speech bubbles as needed): They don’t understand. They go about their daily lives, not knowing that the war still rages out there in the deserted areas of this planet. They just don’t see it.

PANEL 2: (Half width – 1/3 the height of the page) Same background, but Spike’s still in the center of the page so we see only half his face, only now Spike is looking straight out of the page at the reader

SPIKE (subtitles): They could never understand the burden of being a Binary Bonded human being...

PANEL 3: (Half width – 1/3 the height of the page) We see a snow covered landscape behind Fortress Maximus’ face, think of it like the other half of Spike from PANEL 2

FORTRESS MAXIMUS (subtitles): The burden of being the only Headmaster left on the planet.

PANEL 4: (Full width panel – 1/3 the height of the page) The Fortress Maximus equivalent of PANEL 1, the background is the same one we saw part of in PANEL 3. In the foreground we see Fortress Maximus looking out at the reader, a crazed and damaged Galvatron leaping towards Fort Max from behind.

FORTRESS MAXIMUS (subtitles): The weight of responsibility that rests upon the shoulders of THE LAST AUTOBOT ON EARTH.

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