They were a dream...
On a world in the depths of space, circling a long dead sun they awoke...
A war that had been dormant for eons began anew...
Two forces, one good, one evil...
The Autobots and the Decepticons...
They are The Transformers!

“Arise, Orion Pax,” came the booming voice from the Oracle chairs above him, “We have called you here for a reason, it is time for the Matrix of Leadership to be passed from it’s protector to the next Autobot Leader...”

The young Autobot statistician looked up in confusion, “I do not understand Alpha Trion, I am to help you find the next Autobot Leader?”

“No child, you are to be the next Autobot Leader, the Oracle tank awaits you...”

Pax looked over the edge of the platform he was standing on at the rolling mass of glowing energy below, “Sir, the Oracle tank is only for those who are worthy... I am not...”

“We,” came the voice of Emarite Exxaron, “Are the ones who will decide who are worthy Orion, and we have chosen, enter the tank.”

Pax looked at the Autobot Elders. He was surrounded by the oldest Transformers, Alpha Trion was the oldest, he’d been with the Autobots for as long as anyone could remember. Emarite Exxaron was really young compared to the rest of the elders. Jaxx, Sentinel Alpha, Tiphon, Welspring and Jenss, compared to all of them Pax was a mere baby, yet they all seemed to believe he had what it took to lead the Autobot forces...

Who was he to argue with such wisdom?

His mind made up, Orion Pax took a breath and stepped off the platform and slowly disappeared into the energy field.

“Welcome, Orion Pax, to the Oracle tank...”

Pax felt power surges course through his circuits...

“PRIME! It’s time to die!”

Pax heard the voice of the Decepticon everyone feared, Megatron. As he turned to face the monster, his processing unit told him something was wrong, but it was drowned out by the fear flooding through his system..

He saw the huge black barrel of Megatron’s built in fusion cannon, knew he only had seconds to live...

Then he noticed that Megatron was looking past him... Spinning Pax saw... He wasn’t sure what he saw, it looked like him, only it wasn’t, his body chassis was different, it seemed as if his chest was a cab of a vehicle, his face and eyes carried the look of age and wisdom, much as those of the Autobot Elders did...

From his left he heard a cry, “Noooooooo, time itself is unravelling!”

Pax turned to see another person who looked a bit like him, only more rounded, more primal, more animalistic...

Then from behind him Pax heard a voice, clearer and louder than all the rest...

“Uh, uhhh... Ultra Magnus,” Prime turned his head to the Autobot, “It is to you, old friend, that I shall pass the Matrix of Leadership, as it was passed to me.”

Ultra Magnus shook his head, “But Prime, I am but a soldier, I am not worthy.”

Prime was ready for this, “Nor was I, but one day an Autobot will rise from our ranks and use the power of the Matrix to light our darkest hour.”

“Orion Pax, we have looked into your future, we have seen courage, we have seen honour, we have seen sacrifice, you are the one to lead the Autobot race into the future... It is time for you to be rebuilt!”

Pax felt something breeze through his systems, it felt like he was being taken apart... He lifted his hand and was shocked when he saw the metal exoskeleton pealing away leaving the bare circuitry exposed, “Nooooooooooooo!”

“You have survived your experience, and been rebuilt child,” Alpha Trion was standing over him, offering him his hand.

“I... My name is... Optimus... Now.” The Autobot formerly known as Orion Pax said as he took the old Autobot’s hand.

“No my child, you are Optimus Prime, Leader of the Autobots, guardian of the Matrix of Leadership...”

“Our war with the Decepticons has gone on long enough, if we continue we will destroy this entire planet...”

“You were a statistician Optimus, you know the toll this war is taking on us and our planet.”

“In our pursuit of victory we drained our sun of it’s energy, we demolished the other planets in this system to get resources to continue...”

Alpha Trion looked at the renewed Autobot, “And?”

“It is time to abandon Cybertron... We need to seek out a new planet, away from the Decepticons, away from this war and begin again...”

Deep within the bowels of the Decepticon Headquarters, the Supreme Commander of the Decepticon forces, Megatron, sat on his throne made of the chassis of long dead Autobots.

“Lord Megatron!”

He turned to gaze at the Decepticon Custodian, Shockwave, as he entered the room, “What?”

“The Autobots have chosen a new leader... Lazerbeak reports that he is an Autobot statistician known as Orion Pax, but he has been rebuilt, his name is Optimus...”

“...Prime! Now it’s time to eradicate the stain on the Transformer race that is the Autobots!” Megatron stood, an angry look on his face.

To Be Continued...

Next Time on Transformers Lifeforce...

Optimus encounters the menace of Megatron front on as he faces dissent amongst his own troops. Meanwhile the militaristic Grimlock plans a revolt against the new Prime...


Chapter 2

You break it, I'll remake it.
- Ratchet