They were a dream...
On a world in the depths of space, circling a long dead sun they awoke...
A war that had been dormant for eons began anew...
Two forces, one good, one evil...
The Autobots and the Decepticons...
They are The Transformers!

“All mighty Megatron,” Starscream’s mocking voice echoed from the gallery, “That’s a boast many of us have heard before...”

“As we’ve heard your desires as well, you’ll never lead the Decepticons, you don’t know how...”

“We shall see... We shall see...”

“Soundwave, report!” Megatron turned to the deep blue Decepticon communications specialist.

“Ravage is following the MediBot back to Iacon, Buzzsaw is surveying the Autobot War Commander...”

Megatron snarled, “Grimlock... My failure...”

“The all mighty Megatron admits to failing?” Starscream sneered.

“Enough!” The Decepticon leader rose to his feet and aimed his fusion cannon at the rebellious lieutenant and sent a simple thought pulse to the firing trigger.

In the millisecond it took the fusion reaction to occur Starscream moved enough to avoid the blast, as Megatron knew he would.

“Always good at saving your own neck,” he sneered.

“You not serious?!”

Optimus Prime looked at his military advisor, “I will not be questioned Grimlock.”

“Abandon Cybertron, make new home on other world?” Grimlock snarled, his grey exoskeleton armour creaked as he waved his arm around, “War not over, Decepticon menace still out there!”

“It’s because of the Decepticon menace that we must abandon Cybertron!”

“Me no understand you Prime,” Grimlock grabbed his blaster rifle, “Me go blow away ‘cons, do something constructive.”

Prime watched as the large Autobot stalked away and sighed.

“He’s a loose cannon Prime, we shouldn’t take him with us...” the Autobot security chief, Prowl, said as he walked up behind Prime.

“We need him, I can’t explain why, but he has to come with us...” Prime trailed off as his memory circuits fired, replaying one of the visions from the Oracle tanks...

“Prime was a weakling, bleeding heart, had us abandon Cybertron, come here, but Decepticons still follow...”

“Grimlock, you may be one of the most powerful Autobots, but you don’t have the temperament to be the Autobot Commander!” Perceptor tried to get through to the Dinobot leader.

“Strength all that matter, you fools not to see that,” Grimlock turned away from them, transforming as he did so into his Tyrannosaurus mode and stomping off.

“Two of my patients would like a word with you Grimlock,” called the Autobot medic Ratchet as he stepped aside to reveal Perceptor and Blaster.

“We’ve decided Grimlock, after your display today you do have what it takes to lead the Autobots...”

“Yes, he has a destiny...”

“What did you see in the tanks Prime?” Prowl asked him.

“I... The future, or at least a possible future...”

“And Grimlock was in it?”


“That’s why you’re so set on leaving Cybertron, isn’t it?”


Blaster, the Autobot communications officer called to them, “Prime, you’re wanted at the Iacon central chamber!”

“Thank you Blaster,” Prime called as he transformed into his vehicle mode, a long hauler truck, and took off.

Alpha Trion lead him along the corridors of Iacon, “Optimus, we have something to show you...”

As they rounded the corner Prime realised they were approaching the central core...

“This is off-limits to all Transformers by order of Primus...”

“No child, it’s off-limits by order of us, the Elders, and for good reason...” Alpha Trion threw open the doors at the end of the corridor to reveal what looked like a launch silo, “Behold... The Ark!”

Prime was speechless as he gazed up at the massive spacecraft.

“This ship will take you where you need to go Prime, it’s outfitted with the latest weaponry and armaments and governed by a top of the computer system...”

Grimlock smashed his fist against the half demolished wall, “You know we need strong leader.”

His fellow tank division members looked at each other then back at him.

“Boss, we know that and you know that, but you’ll never get the others to back you,” Slag said stepping forward.

“Yeah,” Swoop, the dive bomber added, “Unless you can get the Oracle tanks to proclaim you as leader, they’ll never follow you...”

“Me know that...”

“Boss... Don’t do this,” Snarl said as he stepped forward, “You can’t take on Prime and win...”

“Maybe...” Grimlock looked at the blaster he had strapped to his leg, “Maybe...”

“Optimus Prime, the address system is ready...”

“Thank you Blaster,” Prime stepped forward with a sigh, this was the part he was dreading, ordering his troops to abandon their homeworld...

Alpha Trion came quietly up behind him, “You are doing the right thing Prime.”

“I know, but is it the right time?” Prime turned to face the old Autobot, “Perhaps with more time...”

Prime’s circuits felt a tugging followed by a surge of power and suddenly he wasn’t in the Command Center anymore... “Where...”

From the shadows came the voice of Megatron, “Welcome Optimus Prime... Welcome to your doom!”

To Be Continued...

Next Time on Transformers Lifeforce...

In an ancient battle arena Megatron and Optimus face off, the victor may well hold the key to survival of Cybertron and the Transformer race itself!

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