Lost Mosaic: Immortality

PANEL 1: An asteroid in deep space

PANEL 2: Same asteroid, closer, we see a crumpled Transformer body, a wing is visible, it’s Starscream

PANEL 3: Over Starscream’s body is a glittering shape, just a cloud at the moment

STARSCREAM (voice over): He did it to me again!

PANEL 4: The glittering shape is taking form, it’s now recognizable as a seeker style shape

STARSCREAM (voice over): That’s the second time Galvatron has blown me away...

PANEL 5: The glittering shape is now recognizable as Starscream, he’s looking down at his body...

STARSCREAM (voice over): And the second time I’ve survived the destruction of my body...

PANEL 6: Close up on Starscream’s glittering face, he’s smiling rather maniacally

STARSCREAM (voice over): It would seem I have been touched by Primus himself.

PANEL 7: The glittering Starscream is collapsing into a ball of light


PANEL 8: The Starscream ball is now flying through space

STARSCREAM (voice over): And some day, I will find another body and have my revenge!


Unicron Rising

Looks are always deceiving.
- Arcee