Lost Mosaic: Unicron Rising

PANEL 1: (Full width panel) A shot of Cybertron in space. There are ripples in space radiating out from it.

SUBTITLES: The call went out.

PANEL 2: A metal city, full of robots, all look blurry except one

SUBTITLES: Primus was awake.

PANEL 3: The same robot as in PANEL 2, this time in a room, he’s lowering a Unicron like mask over his face.

SUBTITLES: The Fallen Disciples were alerted.

PANEL 4: Deep in space, a dark planet starts moving.

SUBTITLES: Their master began to follow the signal.

PANEL 5: The same dark planet, only now we see the trademark ring of Unicron starting to move away from the surface of the planet, we start to see some color on the planet too

SUBTITLES: Their feud was about to begin again. A feud older than the universe.

PANEL 6: (Full width panel) Same shot of Cybertron as in PANEL 1 but no ripples, looking over it is a transparent image of Unicron’s head

SUBTITLES: Primus had foreseen this, and prepared.

PANEL 7: Not a panel as such, the bit at the bottom of the page, reads like the intro to one of the classic Marvel G1 comics...

Created for one purpose, to fight the Chaos Bringer, Unicron, their world had been torn apart by eons of brutal civil war. Their race divided into two, the Heroic Autobots and the Evil Decepticons, with the ability to alter their shapes into those of vehicles, machinery and weapons... They are THE TRANSFORMERS



You break it, I'll remake it.
- Ratchet