Lost Mosaic: Revelations

PANEL 1: Full Width Panel

SCENE: A shot of a common city street, people walking down it

HAWK (subtitle): I know you are out there.

HAWK (subtitle): I can sense you now.

HAWK (subtitle): I know that you are afraid... Afraid of us. Afraid of change.

PANEL 2: Half Width Panel

SCENE: Similar to PANEL 1, only focusing on a phonebox

HAWK (subtitle): I do not know what the future holds.

HAWK (subtitle): I did not come here to tell you how this is going to end.

HAWK (subtitle): I came here to tell you how it is going to begin.

PANEL 3: Half Width Panel

SCENE: Similar to PANEL 2, Closer on the phonebox, we can see Metalhawk’s Pretender shell inside

HAWK (subtitle): I am going to hang up this phone, and then I am going to show these people what you do not want them to see.

HAWK (subtitle): Us.

PANEL 4: The Rest of the Page

SCENE: Hawk shedding his Pretender shell and revealing himself in full robot mode, breaking the phonebox in the process

Author’s Note: The titles and credits should go at the bottom of the page

Unicron Rising

Rebirth At Darkmount

The road is my dinner plate.
- Ratbat